The position of the implementation of video on the car Perfectfilm.tv work is for 2 people and is equipped with two video mixers operating in parallel:

- Basic video mixer BMD ATEM 2 M / E:

12 reliable, fiber optic paths of camera CAM1-CAM12 (nominal range of 20 km each),
3 tracks HD SDI to handle external signals (eg. A shipment from another car TV)
and track HDMI (PC issue)

- Auxiliary video mixer: BMD ATEM 1 M /E:

HDMI 4 tracks (eg. The media)
SDI and HD tracks CAM5-CAM8,

- For the production of large ATEM 2 M console / E Broadcast Panel

- Universal Videohub BMD 20x20 SDI vision of giving the recording engineer working dozens of configuration options,

- 2-channel system to handle repetitive sports competitions,

- Emission computer Mac Pro,

- The device on the car are synchronized to a common time basis to minimize latency - Sync Generator has 6 crystal stabilized video output referencjonowania equipment to high definition television standards Tri-Sync.

Depending on the needs of the contractor's vision, we also offer a number of optional additional measures television production as a wireless link to the cameras, the arm Camera 12m drive head compartment with hot-head, and more.



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