September 2016 Support TV to "Burn Battle School Remixed". Tauron Arena.

August 2016. Support Television Championship "League of Legends". Tauron Arena.

May 2016. Support TV to "Film Music Festival". ICE Krakow and Tauron Arena.

September 2015. Operation TV gala "25 years of Inter Cars" from the final concert of the band Roxette, National Stadium, Warsaw.
Resources used: car HDTV 11 HD cameras, camera crane, steadycam + wireless link.


February 2016. Operation of the competition for the title of Polish Champion Big Air on the Great Krokiew in Zakopane (within the third edition of the Snowfest Festival). Resources used: car HDTV, 4 EX3 cameras, 1 camera FS7, graphic design presentation of the players and tables of results, repetitive machine slomo.


January 2016. Support the tournament semi-final and final of the European Championships in handball Euro 2016 Tauron Arena in Krakow. Resources used: car HDTV, wireless cameras.


January 2016. Implementation and recording TV program type of opening a culinary Enoteca PARCHMENT in Krakow. Moderator: Olivier Janiak and Kuba Wesolowski. Resources used: car HDTV, 3 cameras and GoPro camera.

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